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D.I.S. Airconditioning & Electrical Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1992. We are an established and accredited air conditioning company specializing in the field of airconditioning services which include servicing, repair and installation.

Our winning formula lies in our company-wide program which staff is encouraged to ensure superior levels of customer satisfaction, and providing preeminent aircon installation, servicing and maintenance. The key to such recognition has been the skill, commitment and dedication of our employees. This has been the cornerstone of our group's impressive performance.

We provide:
1)    Installation for all brands
2)    Servicing for all brands

Our clients are:
1)    Individual home
2)    Residential / Condominium
3)    Commercial building projects.

We are building a strong business and sustainable growth strategy. Our aim is to propose customer-valued products and solutions.

D.I.S. Stands for: Dynamic, Innovative, Systematic. We keep this idiom in all the projects we are doing.

Our company diversified air conditioning services portfolio include homes, offices, factories, shopping malls, serviced residences and major developments. Through building a strong business acumen and sustainable growth strategy, our aim is to provide first class and high quality service to our customers.

Our competitive, innovative product portfolio, recognized expertise, and solid relationships with our customers and partners have brought us to a solid and remarkable position within the air conditioning industry. To consolidate that position we provide every day the best-in-class offer to exceed the industry standards.

We have achieved this by consistently executing our strategic plans, delivering our promises and providing our customers with the highest level of quality, efficiency and cost saving solutions together with our professional service to prolong the operational lifespan of your airconditioning unit.

We are recognized as an ISO 9001:2008 certified company in 2001. We constantly review our operations within the company to strive for better cost-control, productivity improvements and higher service standards, to deliver more value into the hands of our customers, and maintain maximum competitiveness.


Our Mission:- To provide air cooling systems and quality management to the main market and offer HIGH STANDARDS of installation, maintenance and repair services of these equipment.

Our Values:- We emphasize on HIGH INTEGRITY when dealing with our customers and seek to provide high quality products with good services, by always using top grade materials and providing consistent training for our workers

Our Motto:- To consistently redefine management to achieve performance with integrity